Sunday, July 19, 2009

Response to not having kids.

Several days ago, I attempted to write a humours blog about how we love our furry kids and the fact that we do not have human children. I got some feed-back that I would like to respond to. There's something about blogging that upsets me. Not having the chance to make direct responses. So here is my attempt:

Anonymous one: You are right, everyday deserves a chance, we wake up to a gift everyday, if we chose to accept it and the way it is wrapped up, is our choice. I did not choose to not have children, it was chosen for me. One the other hand, I would prefer to not have children, for reasons not given. I will think about you and your children daily, praying and hoping for many blessings.

Anonymous 2: Your right also, your sad.
The very reason I am far from a youth ministry leadership role, in your eyes, is judgement! Keep in mind that your thoughts determine your feelings. I'm sorry you feel so sad. Who are you, to say that I am farther from God now than I was 5, 10 , 15 or 20 years ago. You call yourself "the church", the church ought to be a caring community of individuals where the people love each other, support each other, pray for each other, laugh together, cry together, and carry burdens together. We need one another; God meant for the church to be a strong support system as we encourage and help each other. To often I have found and experienced just the opposite. A religious group like you that spurt out bible text with not one iota of care behind it. That continue to take and take and take untill one is dried up and broken. A religious group so blinded by being pious they nail Jesus back on the cross to get Him out of there way of being holy.
Let me tell you what I know: The Bible says God often allows us to go through intense trials and problems and then comforts us so that we in turn may offer comfort to others in similar situations (2 Cor. 1:3-4). God uses us in that way; he usually works on people not through a church building, a committee, or a program, but through other people. The presence of God in Jesus Christ is comforting me and using me to touch people you'll never have a chance to get to, just like he uses you to get to people I will never reach.
As for judgement, we will both stand before Him in our own way. But I know that the blood of Jesus Christ covers me from all sin.

Cassondra: Thank you. I am growing to love you and your family more everyday. I'm so glad Mr. H brought us together. I respect you even more for what you've said. It takes a very mature person to see that in themselves. So true what you say, it is by choice or by situation. I pray blessings upon you.

Now, with that said, I'm gonna go play fetch with my girls!

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  1. So sorry to hear about the small minded comments you received........I'm glad you're not basing your faith in Jesus Christ on his "followers"..... :-))

    Rick Orrell