Thursday, May 27, 2010

Trust a Fat-Guy to Find the Best Foods!

Trust a fat guy when looking for the best food in the area! You want to know where the most decadent goodies are hiding, ask a tubby! So I have decided to share some of my favorite pig-out spots, items and recipes here. Over the next several posts I will attempt to bring some really good finds here in mid-missouri, make sure and share yours with me also.

First off, the best kept secret in Eldon, Missouri! Everyone knows about the chili-dogs but there’s a new place in town with THE BEST BURGER you will have in a long-time. Make sure and stop in the new R
OCK ISLAND Restaurant and try, “The Rock”. Rock Island is located in the old Eager Beaver Restaurant building across from the KFC on Business 54-52. Newly decorated and remodeled and under NEW ownership it could be a new staple of mid-Missouri treks! “The Rock” is a bacon cheeseburger that will rock your world, make sure and order a side of fries!

No two frozen custards are the same! They may sound alike but they don’t taste the same! Randy’s Frozen Custard, home of the original Ozark Turtle will serve up the tasty frozen treat that can’t be beat. Plus with nearly 100 mixes, concretes that are served your-way! Make sure and take the pets for a free treat and tell them the “Weimer” guy sent you!

Want to stay at home and have dessert? Then pick-up some Blue Bell Ice Cream. Blue Bell Creameries is the manufacturer of Blue Bell brand
ice cream, which was founded in 1907. The company, which produces the third-best-selling ice cream in the USA, sells its products in only seventeen mostly Southern states, although Blue Bell ice cream has also been eaten aboard the International Space Station and at Camp David. Corporate headquarters are at the "Little Creamery" in Brenham, Texas.

If you hadn’t dipped the Homemade Vanilla yourself, you’d swear it was hand churned in an old fashion ice cream maker. Go get some soon!

I’ll be bringing you more picks from the fat-guy soon!