Sunday, September 6, 2009

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Pack is Growing!

We got a new baby! She's a year old Weimeraner. What a story! Our oldest dog, Sobaka is nearly 15-years-old and Luna is a three-year-old with some energy, so we wanted an active playmate. I've always wanted a Weimeraner and never thought I could afford one. We happened to be looking on when a photo of a beautiful Weimer came up, we called, she was still available. The rescue asked tons of questions and said if we wanted her come get her.

We drove 300 miles and took Luna along for moral support. When we arrived in Newport Arkansas we where met by a battered, bitten and dirty dog. The poor rescue people are attempting the nearly immpossible with more animals than they can handle. She is covered with scratches, scars and bites. Poor thing. We have been putting neosporin on her wounds and hoping they heal well.

We allowed her and Luna to play and get to know each other and signed the paperwork. Off we took for home. We where told a couple bought her that lived in an apartment and was overwhelmed with her and her chewing. We can handle that! We had three raw-hide bones in the truck waiting. She was great travelling and we went to the vet the next day, after blood test, was told she was doing good, no health concerns. We are waiting to hear from the rescue, who was attempting to get her records, before we get shots.

I got a phone call, after researching, the rescue director found out she was lied too. This dog was passed around from person to person, never has been to a vet, and never spayed. Oh boy! Appraently the people who dropped her at the pound, the apartment dwellers, where not the original owners. The trail has went cold six different people back!

Good news, her and Luna are the best of buddies and love to play...everywhere...non-stop! I'll call the rescue again today and see if there is any new news, and set an appointment with our vet! The pack is growing!