Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Ok – where was this when I was little?

You could could just take regular cookie dough and add food coloring. But these edible play dough balls come already packed and in different shades of color.

Completely delicious and 100% safe, this groundbreaking clay can be shaped, baked and eaten. Simply add water, mix it, knead it and then model it into whatever takes your fancy. Once you’re happy with your creation, bung it in the oven for 15-30 minutes and hey presto, colourful biscuits ready to eat!

Despite the vivid colours, Yummy Dough contains vegetable-based colouring agents only, so parents can rest assured kiddies won’t turn into Violet Beauregarde-style blueberries after a few too many biccies.

Ready to eatTalking of colours, each Yummy Dough pack comes with four dough sachets in four different colours (red, blue, green and yellow), and just like regular playable dough you can mix ‘em up to create new colours (that’ll be brown, then). You also get a moulding tool for intricate details and a leaflet packed with ideas. Judging by the reaction down at the Firebox crèche, kids absolutely adore this stuff and will happily fiddle with it for hours on end. We’ve seen Spongebob shapes, animal shapes, fishy shapes, flowery shapes, Christmassy shapes - you name it. Some big kid even made an amorphous blob that looked like something a radioactive dog might deposit on the pavement.

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